End the sock battle NOW!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid for the product review that follows.  I just really, really like these socks.  However, if you are a representative of this company, and you would like to pay me, that’s okay.  Please contact me immediately.

I’m guilty.  I haven’t used every single shower/baby gift.  In fact, a few are still in the packages.  One of those gifts was a pair of green and white striped socks with Velcro tabs on them.  I found them in a pile of stuff a few days ago and stuck them on Squirmy’s feet tonight because the only socks he had clean are too small (the boy has huge feet).

Our experience with baby socks thus far has been horrible.  They don’t stay on.  Ever.  I have asked lots of experienced moms how to get baby socks to stay on baby feet.  Their answer?  “You don’t.”  Grrreaat.  So, I have been trying (with fair success) to only dress Squirmy in outfits with attached footies so I didn’t have to fight the sock battle.  However, as babies get older, the selection of clothes with attached footies starts to dwindle (especially when said baby is growing extremely fast, like Squirmy).  I am going to have to start dressing him in pants soon.  Pants without footies.  Pants that need socks.  Geez.

Enter: Green and white striped socks with Velcro tabs.


The socks are “Stay With Me” socks, and they’re brilliant.  The little Velcro tabs are at the ankle and serve to keep the sock on the foot  (Sock?  On the foot?  Crazy!).  Squirmy, who didn’t get this name for nuthin’, wore these socks all afternoon/evening long.  I put them on him at 4:00pm.  It’s now 11:05pm, and they’re still firmly in place.  They survived him kicking and screaming in the carseat, shopping in Wal-Mart, and playing at Grandma’s house.  They even stayed on when I pulled his pants off to change his diaper!  Incredible! I just ordered three additional pairs.  They come in two sizes: Small (newborn to 3 months) and medium (3 months to 14 months).  Now, I don’t actually expect Squirmy to fit into them at 14 months, but the prospect of them lasting that long is thrilling.  Unfortunately, they are a bit pricey at $5.95 a piece, but when you consider how many socks you lose and how long they should last for, it’s really worth it.  They’re also available at select Target stores, but I have yet to see them.  So, if you have young’uns under 12 months of age, you need these.  If you don’t have young’uns, buy a pair anyway and send them to me (size Medium, please).

Stay With Me socks


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