Milk, Milkshake, Milk Chocolate…

Milk.  It does a body good.  Unless you’re Squirmy.

Squirmy has been a very unhappy little baby boy lately, so after some research, I have decided that milk is the cause of his problems (since, you know, in addition to a teaching degree, I also have a medical degree {I wish}).  Babies’ digestive tracts aren’t very well developed and have a hard time processing the protein found in cow’s milk.  The result of this difficulty is often gas, cramping, eczema, fussiness, etc.  Squirmy is exclusively breastfed, so the only way to rid him of cow’s milk protein is to rid myself of cow’s milk protein.  Seems simple, right? 


Apparently, milk can be found in EVERY. THING.  Everything, including, mashed potatoes, lasagna, cheese, milk, milkshakes, Crunch bars, and corn dogs (these are just a few of my favorite things).  Also, milk is found in most all processed food — fish sticks, chicken nuggets, frozen dinners, and so on.  As much as I love my milky food, I love Squirmy that much more, so I dropped the milk.  I have been milk-free for three days.

Once we got the grocery shopping over with (because EVERYTHING that was already in our pantry and fridge had milk in it), it’s actually been quite easy.  And healthy.  That’s the thing.  Without processed food, I have been forced to eat…healthy.  Ugh.  I hate healthy food.  I hate veggies.  I don’t even really like fruit.  But, again, I love Squirmy, so I’m trudging through.  

This is me as I ate some mixed veggies for dinner:
Scoop up corn, peas, green beans, and carrot mixture.
Insert spoonful into mouth.
Chew several times.
Take a big drink and force it down.
Repeat until plate is empty.

Hey! I’m tryin’!

Side note: As an added plus, I’ve already lost two pounds!


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One response to “Milk, Milkshake, Milk Chocolate…

  1. Hey little mama! Thanks for stopping by my blog…I just wanted to share with you a great breastfeeding resource…
    LOADS of helpful information…they’ve saved me tons of times when my little “squirmys” were getting fussy at the breast, and thankfully it was never due to lactose, because I love me some milk product, lol!
    Congrats on your little one!

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