Skim, 2%, Whole…38DD?

I love hidden camera shows, and my favorite is ABC’s What Would You Do? This started as a segment on Primetime, but it was so popular, it quickly grew.  (You can view old segments on YouTube.)  Tomorrow’s episode hits on a topic that is very close to home: breastfeeding.  In tomorrow’s episode, ABC staged a scene in a cafe of a woman breastfeeding.  The woman is then approached by the manager who asks her to leave and starts a big scene about it.  What will the bystanders do?   What would you do?

I’m eager to see the responses because I had an incident myself regarding breastfeeding.  On Mother’s Day weekend, I went out to eat with my mother and one of my younger sisters.   As they began to eat, I placed Squirmy in my lap, covered us with my nursing cover, lifted my shirt, and began to feed him.  He was quietly eating, and I was talking with my family.  After a few moments, I began to realize that the couple and their teenage son sitting at the table beside us were staring.  I turned to meet their eyes, but they all quickly looked away.  The wife began to whisper to her husband about how “disgusting” it was and how they couldn’t believe I’d “do that in a restaurant.”

The old Rachel would’ve turned to them and said something nasty and rude; however, the saved Rachel just sat quietly and ignored them.  What should I have done or said?  In my state it is perfectly legal for me to breastfeed my child wherever I am.  Should I have explained this law to them?  Sound off in the comments — Do you have a great comeback?  Do you even agree with breastfeeding in public?



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3 responses to “Skim, 2%, Whole…38DD?

  1. stefanie

    hey i think you handled the situation wonderfully. I know that you could have taken the time out to educate them on the law, but you know what, it was a whole family against you- that’s super intimidating! I would have done the same thing you did. Great job for feeding your hungry baby, no matter where that may be!

  2. Nina

    You dealt with those people perfectly. You was doing nothing wrong, and nothing was showing to be considered “disgusting” In my opinion the only disgusting thing going on was their rude behavior in talking about you. Stand proud, breastfeeding is natural and the best way for infants! Go Rachel, I am very proud of you, you are correct in your statement, the old Rachel would have went off on them. They should be very and I mean very thankful you are saved!

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