Remember Me?

Okay, kiddies, I’m baaacckk!

I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for so long.  Who knew having a newborn took up so much time?  (Okay, so maybe you did, but I didn’t.)

Well, Squirmy turned four months old on Tuesday.  He’s 27 inches long and nearly 16 pounds!  We still love him!

Okay, enough small talk — let’s get to work!

Today’s task is daunting for anyone, but especially for a new mom and young wife: HOUSEHOLD BUDGET.  That’s right.  I said it.  BUDGET.  If you know me, then you know one thing: I love to shop.  In fact, I might have a problem.  I know I might have a problem because I have a lot of credit card debt.  Granted, I haven’t used my credit cards for two years, but I haven’t paid them off either.  Nope, I just maintain my minimum payment and move on.  Good for the credit card companies, bad for me.

But that’s all changing.  Mr. Rachel and I would love to buy a house of our very own, so we have decided that we must pay off our debt in order to do that (student loans are another issue — we’re focusing on credit card debt and car loans).   A few years ago I bought this handy book at a small church in Kentucky  — Does God Prefer Paper or Plastic? by Dan and Marlis Williams. 

It has been doing a fine job at collecting dust on the bookshelf until I felt called to pick it up.  God’s wisdom is so infinitely more awesome than mine, and he really knows what he’s doing.  I heeded his call and began to reread the book.  This time I followed the directives and started to put together my budget.  As it turns out, we have some money left after paying the bills.  We never realized this before because we blow our money on stupid stuff throughout the week.  However, with our new budget, Mr. Rachel and I are each given an allowance to pay for gas, eating out with our friends, or other stuff we decide we want.  Any extra money will go into an emergency fund.  Once that is full, we’ll start paying above the minimum until we eventually banish all the debt (praise Jesus!).

I’m also going to start menu planning to make sure that I don’t blow my food budget every week.  More on that later…

You can purchase the book at Noah’s Dove Publishing .


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