I miss my Squirmy!!

Well, he’s upstairs in bed, so I don’t really miss him.  But I will!

Next week I go back to work.  ::sigh::

Yes, I know that as a teacher I am very fortunate.  I was able to combine my maternity leave with my summer vacation, so I’ve been home with Squirmy for the first five months of his life.  It’s been delightful and wonderful most of the time.  However, it also breeds anxiety.   Can I go back to work and handle my day without him?  This school year I’ve accepted a lot more responsibility and will be putting in longer days in the building and will be bringing home more work.  Can I stand being away from him for twelve hours?

My heart breaks thinking about leaving him.   The other working moms I’ve spoken with told me they were relieved to go back to work.  They were bored at home and finally get some “adult time” at work.  That is not the case for me.  I absolutely, positively want to be a stay-at-home mom, but it’s just not in the cards for us right now.

I go back to work on Monday to start professional development sessions for the year.  I’ll be there from 8-4:30, plus 30 minutes of drive time each way.  I’ll let you know how it goes…


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